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File your Complaint Online with RERA Punjab

State of Punjab has made one Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) for regulating the affairs of realtors and homebuyers in the region situated in the heart of city beautiful which is Chandigarh Sector 18. 

Looking for RERA Punjab Address?  

Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Punjab

 First Floor, Block-B, Plot Number-3, Sector-18A

 (Near Govt. Press UT), Madhya Marg,

 Chandigarh – 160018


You will be happy Punjab RERA (PRERA ) in short, gives you the option of filing RERA complaints online be it Form M (To RERA Authority ) or Form N (Adjudicating Officer ). 

Kindly view the website of RERA Punjab Authority at Chandigarh here-

See Image -

File Complaint with RERA Punjab Online

Steps to file complaint online in RERA Punjab 
1 Visit the homepage of RERA Punjab website.
2 On the homepage, click login option.
3 Click on new registration and sign up. While creating account, Select user type as complainant. 
4 While selecting password, Choose one non-letter or non-digit number. 
5 Ensure that you have a valid email address so that you can confirm your email link for Sign In. 
6 Now on the same page, click on Sign in option.



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Complaint to RERA Punjab Online

Once you login your account, you will see these options on website as seen in image above:
1 View Status- >Check status of your complaints Form-M or Form-N
2 My Profile-> Applicant Registration details, Residential address, for official communication or notifications.
3 Complaint Details->. To file fresh Complaint Form-M or Form-N. Step 1,2,3, & 4.
4 User Manuals-> User Manual for Registration of Complaint(s) - Form M or Form N. Here you will get to see the 3 page Instructions set for filing of complaints on the state RERA web portal. You can access the file here.

Form-M-> Complaint to Regulatory Authority : Form-M (Complaint under section 31 of the Act) [See rule 36(1)]

Form –N-> Application to Adjudicating Officer : Form-N (Claim for compensation under section 12, 14, 18 or 19 of the Act) [See rule 37(1)]



Instructions and Application Process Flow

Step By Step - Instructions for filing Online Complaint Form (Form-M and Form-N)

Online complaint registration facility should be used by a complainant to file a complaint with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Punjab. In order to access this facility, the user may click on the “File Complaint” link under the “Complaint” tab on the web portal.

Before the user starts filing the online complaint registration form, it is advisable to go through the Rule No. 36 and 37 of the Punjab State Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules 2017, provided under the “Document” tab of the web portal in order to understand about the type complaints that can filed with the Authority.

Please note:

a) A soft copy of the relevant documents related to the complaint should be kept in handy before filing out the complaint registration form.

b) The complaint fee of INR. 1000/- (One Thousands Only) needs to be paid online. Hence, a debit card OR credit card OR bank account with net banking facility shall be required to pay the same.



Instructions for Online Complaint Filing

Step 1: Click on the “File Complaint” link under the “Complaint” tab on the web portal and create your login ID with user type as “Complainant”.

Fill in the all the required information and click on the “Create User” button. A confirmation email with a link shall be sent the email ID provided by the user. Click on the link in order to verify and activate the user account.

Step 2: Log into the web portal with the user name and password set in the previous step and complete your profile in the “My Profile” section of the form. This is a one-time activity and multiple complaints can be filed through the same profile.

Step 3: Select the type of complaint (Complaint Form ‘M’ or Complaint Form ‘N’) that the user needs to file with the Authority. Particulars of the complainant shall be auto-filled based on the information provided in the “My Profile” section.

Please note: In order to understand the type of complaint to be filed, the user may go through the Rule No. 36 and 37 of the Punjab State Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules 2017.

Step 4: Fill in the required information in the selected form. Tooltips in each field of the form have been provided for the user’s assistance.

Step 5: Pay the requisite complaint registration fee online.

Step 6: Upload relevant documents related to the complaint. In case a complainant is being represented by a legal practitioner, a Vakalatnama in the prevailing format shall be required to be uploaded. In case the complainant is being represented by any other person, a Memorandum of Authorization, as per the Form 2 of the PunjabReal Estate Regulatory Authority (Procedure for handling complaints and related matters) Regulations, 2017. The same can be downloaded from the Documents tab of the web portal.

Step 7: Submit the complaint by clicking on the “Submit” button and note down the complaint reference number for future references.



You have to fill following sections in the complaint Form-M below:

  1. Particulars of the complainants
  2. Particulars of the respondents
  3. Jurisdiction of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Punjab
  4. Facts of the case (Give a concise statement of facts and grounds for complaint) Maximum 2000 characters strictly else your complaint won’t be filed. Check from here-
  5. Relief(s) Sought
  1. In view of the facts mentioned in paragraph 4 above, the complainant prays for the following relief(s). [Specify below the relief(s) claimed explaining the grounds of relief(s) and the legal provisions (if any) relied upon]


  1. Additional details, If monetary relief sought consists of any Compensation/ Penalty/ Interest 
  1.  Interim Order/ Relief, if Prayed for Pending final decision of the complaint the complainant seeks issue of the following interim order [Give here the nature of the interim order prayed for with reasons.]
  2. Complaint not pending with any other Court, etc. or has not been decided by any other Court/ Authority, etc. (Declaration)- I/we, the complainant(s), further declare that the matter regarding which this complaint has been made is not pending before any court of law or any other authority or any other tribunal(s) and has not been decided by any court of law or any other authority. Check the box.
  3. Particulars of online payment in respect of the fee in terms of sub-rule (1) of rule 36
  4. List of Enclosures [Specify the details of enclosures with the complaint]
  5. Verification- Check the box at Step 4 and hit the submit button.



This sum up my post on filing RERA Complaint online with RERA Punjab (PRERA) Authorities in Chandigarh. Hope, I am able to address your queries through this post. Still in case you wish to keep in touch regarding this subject –matters, feel free to call 99888-17966.

But always remember, as it is said for Doctors, don’t be your own doctor, the same applies to Lawyers. A professional advice goes a long way in settling your dispute with builder not just once.

So do give a thought on considering best/top RERA Lawyers/Advocates in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali for any legal advice, opinion or query before RERA Punjab  and Haryana RERA Panchkula Authority. The same is applicable for Punjab RERA Appellate Authority and Haryana RERA Appellate Authorities.

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